when does it start to loose its meaning?

I Love You.

I Love You.
I swear I do.

Although my thoughts constantly rejects you.
Although my conscience keep yelling,
"Oh this is wrong! This is so wrong!!"

I Love You.
I do!

And of course,
of course I want to marry you!
You'll be happy,
who cares if I'll be blue?

I Love You.
I really do..

or at least I am trying to.

something that shewrote but hesitate to post :p

sumtimes u say it like ure just reading from a text
sumtimes u really want to say it but u know ur heart will break from the moment those words escape from your lips
coz u cant handle the consequences and that it might hurt you more than u can imagine

oh.. n lookie lookie here what i've found:

they also hv a list randomizer. mine look sumthin like this xD i think it can help me with my list of priorities.. lol..

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

There were 3 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. get married

  2. get a masters degree

  3. hv children

Timestamp: 2008-10-29 13:11:40 UTC


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