kenapa trinidadnya Balawan mirip dengan Chemistrynya UNKLE???

so i've been listening to these two tracks, one by Balawan, a very talented jazz guitar player from bali,

and the other one by UNKLE, british DJ/producer duo.

the other's titled Trinidad, and the other's titled Chemistry.

yg satu pake gitar dan ketipung gendang yg satu tambah efek2 drum n violin..

Im not very good at explaining things using musical terms, but lets say like 50% of the guitar riffs on both tracks are the same o_O


I got Balawan into my playlist just a couple of months back, and i only really listend to the nicer ones like those that are covers of old indonesian pop songs, ga pernah bener2 dengerin semuanya. yg jelas this guy is very cool. dont you see the kind of guitar he is using??? n he's tapping the snares ... kinda like playing the piano with a guitar...

klo UNKLE, op kors krn dia pernah kolaborasi ma thom yorke (Rabbits In Your Headlight) in '98. Yg chemistry ini lngsung suka coz its a bit "rock". Tentu saja jd agak nge-rock krn dia mengajak gitarisnya queens of the stone age, josh homme, untuk berkolaborasi.

yah so pertama kali ngira (without looking the screen of my mp3 player), klo yg lg main tu remakenya chemistry.. which was quite bad.. apa pula remake chemistry tp kok pake ketipung?

trs pas ngecek screen.. eeee.. kok balawan??? Here is why i think its jst plain eerie when the two tracks are almost similar:

1. Trinidad was made in 1997, Chemistry is brand new (2007). Both songs are a decade apart. Sama kyk OK Computer dan In Rainbows ^^ (oot)

2. Balawan and UNKLE are different. it's like they're on their own musical sphere with their own influences. People who listen to Balawan are most unlikely to listen to UNKLE, and vice versa (except maybe those who accidentally got both artists cramped into their playlist) *in my case ga ada playlist sih.. i just choose 'random play all' most of the time.. emm.. all the time deh :p*
Balawan should be surrounded by these kinds of ppl (either/or the combination): hard-core indonesian music jazz listener AND yngwie malmsteem's fans. UNKLE is trip-hop, chill, electronica.. can you imagine ppl from those two groups meet and hv a tea party together?

3. balawan is balinese and unkle is british. oceans apart.. this is not really a strong reason coz nowadays we got 'pesawat terbang'.

well what i think what's possible are:
1. josh homme (salah dia knp gitarnya chemistry mirip trinidad) got a secret crush on balawan when he went to Bali (seriously, which rock star hasnt been to Bali?)

2. josh homme or James Lavelle (pentolan UNKLE), ya gmn2 produser punya authority *baca: authoriteh - ala south park* buat nentuin lagu, wktu ke bali/indonesia liburan cari inspirasi nonton konsernya balawan dan balawan pas maen trinidad

3. josh homme/unkle has a global mp3 randomizer yg nyimpen tracks dr seluruh dunia yg sangat berguna klo mrk lg kehabisan ide. on a press of a button mesinnya pick 1 lagu, kebetulan yg keluar trinidad

4. since mrk bertiga lahir di tahun yg sama/deketan, (balawan n josh '73, james '74), jadi wajar aja klo mikirnya rada2 mirip (lame..)

5. because yg bikin kita semua itu Satu *ahum*

n i just ran out of conspiracy theories..
ga tau yg mana/why or myb i dont even hv the right track/mp3 ID-tag xD but im amaazeeeD

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