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Nia Limanto mengatakan...

would you eat me, ulm?

the mouse mengatakan...

if i hv 10 friends with me.. i'd probably eat 3.. heheh
klo mesti starve 10 hari.. on the 7 1/2th day i will eat the person next to me.
itu jg klo ga gw yg dimakan duluan -.-

Anonim mengatakan...

sugar, you haven't answer the question..

would you eat nie?

or do you prefer my tender and juicy soft skin?

Yussi Ariefiyono mengatakan...

test alo ulm hehhehhe

the mouse mengatakan...

oh okay..
no, i wont eat both of you.
not because you're my best friends but you girls are just too skinny! :P
i'll opt for someone who has more fat.. ;)
*and you still wonder why i date him?* >:)