blog post for my bro n sis in indo...

jadi mum n dad arrived at Frankfurt international airport around 1.45 pm last Monday. cerita lucunya, mum kira nama airport d Frankfurt itu Düsseldorf. Jadilah onkel pergi ke airport d dusseldorf hari senin itu. And he was confused when he received an sms from mum saying that they have arrived at Gate E, while the airport in Düsseldorf only has one gate. So yeah, turns out there was a misunderstanding.
Luckily di Frankfurt dad janjian sama adiknya om Gatut. And she told them how to get a train to Cologne from the Frankfurt airport so they can meet Onkel there.
After buying the ticket and waiting for their train, suddenly there's another train coming in from another platform. The train also goes to Cologne. Convinced by a nearby train station-person, they rushed to that other platform to get into that train. Luckily the train-guy was nice and waited until mum n dad were on board before closing the train-door.
Tapi ternyata..
that train that mum n dad were on, was the speedy ICE (InterCity-Express) train, with of course more expensive tickets :D
But again, the train-person was nice and helped mum n dad to find some empty seats xD he then brought mum n dad to the 1st class compartment, and let them sat there! Inside were actually four other people, but they got out at the next stop. so mum n dad had their private compartment for the next hour to Cologne.

Di Koln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne Central Station), Onkel udh nungguin, and they all drove to Onkel's place in Overath, in the suburbs of Cologne.

dad di overath

mum, overath

Hari Rabu on the 30th, Mum n Dad took the ICE train (this time paying the real price haha) to Amsterdam..

mum n dad on arrival from koln
click here for the video! :)

After a short lunch with Chauft at Si Joe (nice place!), me, dad n mum took the tram 5 to my place.

mum n dad, inside tram 5

mum n dad, uilenstede

me n dad, uilenstede

view dr balkon kamar kakak (pic taken by mum)

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Nia Limanto mengatakan...

Halo tante! Halo Oom! Masih inget ama Nia? Ini yang dulu di Java Jazz 2007. apa kabar, tante? Seneng di Belanda? Semoga ngga kedinginan.

Gimana tan, ulma nakal? pukul aja pantatnya kalo nakal? hehheheeh :D Eh tante, bilangin ulma ya, kalo ulang tahun jgn lupa traktir2. hehehehhe

Anonim mengatakan...

waaa enaknyaa!! salam ya buat ibu dan ayaah disana! oiya bilang ke ibu, aku udah isiin pulsa buat ibu 50ribu (wasi)

Anonim mengatakan...

wawwww, aku liat videonyaa! kangenn!! kok ayah & ibu bisa salah masuk kereta? mereka mesti bayar lagi dong?? (your sist : wasi oke)