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I got a day-off from the restaurant today, just finished off sending the latest contact info of and to all countries, masih ada international evaluation report menunggu. but what do i do? i decided to blog. while i have no topic whatsoever to write. there is some, but cant decide which one to write first =/

seriously, i've been trying to figure out what to do about my future. i was thinking of doing this grad stuff in Sweden.. something in development field. why development field? well, i've been working for NGO's for almost 2 years now. and i really enjoyed it. for the meantime i always wished that i could have more 'field'-experience than behind-the-desk stuff.

makanya when i read the programme i had this thought "hmm.. isnt it more useful if i hv some real experience?", i mean.. in the end i want to work for indonesian communities. not for European or African (my current job, n a previous one are about those two continents). so there are three programmes that i've laid my eyes on: management for international development (condong k organisasi2 aid tingkat dunia - world bank, un.. might b to heavy for me :p), development studies (this i think would b useful to have more knowledge on what i'm dealing with, .. lagian asli, selama ini kan knowledge cuma dr kerja langsung), and communication for development (klo diliat2 ideal banget, ngegabungin communication management n development work.. tp kok gw bosen ya ma comm :p heheh.. lagian he said that uni-nya baru gt.. jd kemungkinan kurang punya nama :D yea like INHOLLAND)

my personal opinion is that it's useful to have some experience first, before doing a grad-study. well here i am with my experience. not a lot, i know. and not specifically on the field that i want to work for in the future. karena jelas aja, ways n needs org afrika sama orang indo beda banget. afrika tu bener2 under-developed, sementara indonesia well majemuk banget. masalahnya gmn cara ngeratainnya? how to get those smart n well-developed ppl to spread their knowledge n experience to under-developed regions? ow yah, blm lg di indonesia ada yg after-disaster-aid, sama yg emg fokus k development. dan coz its more visible on the news, yg after-disaster ini yg lebih banyak ngundang attention. sooooooooo emg gw kurang experience banget buat development work di indo -.-

tp klo gw pulang dulu, takutnya entar susah buat ke eropanya.. =/ meanwhile i think indonesia bisa belajar banyak dr sistem aid-organisation d sini.. (or yeah so i thought, never really2 work in NGO di indo.)

but again, jadi ato engga kuliah lagi jg tergantung gw lulusnya kapan..dan bisa dapet scholarship ato engga. altho tuition fee d sweden ndak ada.. tp at least buat living cost. coz si uni-nya bilang klo study-nya bakalan berat u wont hv time for part-time job xD

anddd lately i hv this urge to do some art-sy stuff. yes yes myb its because of that personaldna thing. but i also think its nice to try out a new hobby. lagian i'm a hippy at heart.. so why not try painting :p (or pottery, or whatever). i'd love to learn to play the guitar but unfortunately i dont want to sacrifice my fingers. oh i'd love to do yoga as well

hah seriously.. if there;s anything that needs development.. its myself -.-
yeah myb i need to wait until a couple of months before making a real decision..

and now im trying to actually save money. what for? ya for my future. any decision i made, i will have some financial support for it (either itu continue a grad-education, pulang k indo, ato ngajak keluarga jalan2 d sini :p ehehe)

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binsar mengatakan...

i think,

you should listen to your heart. pray and try to be quiet and listen to Allah. maybe that would be the best way to take the right decision. i had this moment too. i love your idea about art and being active in ngo. go for it girl! netherlands is also not a bad place to study human management in non governmental organization. how about that??

Amir Karimuddin mengatakan...

Caiyo dengan rencana2nya ;)