Me the Considerate Artist

credits to Bapak Amir K.

Hereon I sincerely declare myself as a considerate artist kqkqkq..
the test result made me sound like a very nice erm.. soft-hearted, emphatic person *gg some more* (i dont even know why i cant stop giggling) altho i disagree with their use of the term 'PersonalDNA'.. and setelah dilihat2 lagi i found some cases of bad english. For instance: spontaneity instead of spontenaiety, want instead of one.. well that's all i guess :p

and so, i think Personal Quilt is more appropriate than PersonalDNA.. coz it really does look like one

(Mouse over any part of the box or strip to learn more about the traits that the colors represent)

My personalDNA Report

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Anonim mengatakan...

i am a faithful thinker :D.

low self confidence, but has a lot of faith in others.

tsk tsk tsk...