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Wednesday 8th 2006:
So.. what's on Melkweg tonite?
dont ask me where had the band came up with the name, but..
sure their gig was awesome :)

band pembukanya john vanderslice.. trio dgn drummer yg sangat keren dan jago :D
and if you go to their website you can also download some free mp3s..cool

they played for around 40 minutes before giving up the stage to the sound-people team, buat prepare the stage for DCC.

anyhoe (thx Ni, yg udh nularin gw with JD's fav phrase)
they played some songs juga dr album2 yg dulu. dr album baru (plans) cuma 4 or 5 songs. konserny cuma sejam doang, 11.30 udh selesai. in total around 20 songs i guess.. termasuk title n registration, sound of settling (kata widy: "bak pao..bak pao.. this is the sound of selling.." XD), a movie script ending, crooked teeth, summer skin, soul meets body,..
encore-ny mrk maen 3 lagu, n yg terakhir translaticism :) my favourite! gw dah hmpir sedih aja wktu ternyata smpe mereka cabut dr panggung (sblm encore) tp lagu itu blm keluar.. well actually i waited for one other song, 405, tp ya su-lah, hehe

the people turned out to be more crowded than i had expected.. abis kan gw kirain jarang yg suka DCC. tp ternyata tiketny sold-out,.. n melkweg de max pun jd sesak banget. we nod our head together.. moving it up and down, side to side, flowing with the rhythm..
smpet spot bbrp anak indo juga d dalem.. including mba nina n mba arin

all-in-all, quite a nice nite, hehe
next most-wanted gig: MEW

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Anonim mengatakan...

HA! I KNEW IT! i thought i saw some familiar faces. smpt ngerasa hallucinating sih. aku nontonnya di lt atas, biasa syndrome org pendek di tengah2 gigantic crowds. kl ga salah ada kmu dan syarif jg ya? or was it his look-a-like? well, couldnt see much with the bird view =(

anyhooch *derivative dr anyhoo-nya JD*
my fave: soul meets body, pas jd lagu ketiga, aku bs yg sok ge-er bgt, as if it was played only for me MWAHAHAHAHAHA how more psychotic could i be?

btw, kmrn denger suara illegal "background" female voice ga? LOL mba di sebelahku tuh apal lyricnya dan ikutan nyanyi dr awal smp akhir concert. smp di-sush segala saking banternya. sinting deh tuh org! loncat2 smp lantainya berasa mo rubuh aja.

ps: kmu mo nonton mew jg? well, i was thinking of going there at first, tp rada males kl ga ada temennya =) but since u're planning to go...hm...

the mouse mengatakan...

hahah.. hallo.mba nintjuh! yup positively definite it was us.. kmaren tu berlima, gw, widy, syarif, and two of syarif's colleagues yg pas akhir concert di-"dump" ma syarif coz one of them got a female hook-up during the show (yea.. myb he was jealous since he hadnt gotten any ;p)
*jo-king ;p*
*maaf Rif*

neah.. in the end we had to leave melkweg without them coz syarif was tired of waiting (getting your coat after a great gig can be quite a struggle!)
tau tu dua bule kemana..

MEW! mari lho mari.. widy n syarif juga pada mo nonton kok ;)
tp rncanany baru mo beli tiket end of this week, abis gajian.. soalnya skrg gw lg ga ada duit gtu :D

gw wktu itu rada frustrated juga nonton d festival.. ada bule2 belanda yg tinggi amit2 ngalangin xp hehehe.. tp gpp deh.. resiko jadi org pendek :p

(ga denger suara illegal female backing vocal soalnya i was busy.. er.. yeah,.. busy..)