musings at 2 pm

i wondered if i should send a bomb-threat to that arrogant regional manager so that he would cooperate with my n nia's project

i dont want to work today because i prefer to watch a concert in melkweg

prima is going back to indo tomorrow

the new honey and cardamom flavor from DE tastes nice :) n so does the cold ammaretto.. yummy =9~

semalem k oom fred
dikasih one pack of that coffee + 1L of orange juice, hehe
makan rendang juga :)
tp lbih enak pas yg gw bikin sndiri :D ha ha ha

nia sent me a card :)
thanks thanks thanks
she's such an angel, Gbh

prima is still at work
she got paid well

i wonder what isrina's doing rite now
how's with her uk-visa thing
she said that she met dewi @msn
tp wktu itu gw msti buru2 cabut
jd gw bisa ngobs2 ma mereka

we watched mba mey n mas gun's wedding video
videony suka skip2 sndiri
they just got married
sooo cute
its like they are meant to be with each other

im still this insecure person
wondering what kind of person i will be
what kind of life i will have
the (un)lucky man that will have to spend his days with me

again, they say writing is good for your mental health

JengTha, yg sabar ya.. remember that he's a JERK
aurelvin, maabkan diriku yg blm bisa keep my promise =/
nchrut.. im sorry
i know i hv to still pay the rest of my phone bill :p hehehe
gimme ur contact info in indo n myb my mum can pay it hehe..

wuaa d sini mba mey masak ikan arsik
menyenangkan ^_^
batre hape mo abis

cardamom tu kapulaga

masih perlu read more books

im so lucky to be given the chance to meet wonderful ppl
oh dear
i miss mum
i miss dad
n i had a bad dream last nite
i think i should message them

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::Nia:: mengatakan...

Yum,.. kayaknya coffee nya enak d ul! :P Aniwe,.. in this post,.. i smell a better perspective of yours. Ayo,... bangkit ulma!! Nia loves you so much :P (masih dalam keadaan horny dan sakit :D)
GBU2 (eh, saya uda pake feedburner,.. thx)

aurelvin mengatakan...

im in a problem :p

ive fallen in loph with CISCO


the mouse mengatakan...

they say
the greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just love..
and be loved in return