As I was Doing My Visual Communication Resit

As I was doing my resit assignment for my Visual Communication today, a tune from the Cure was played on my realplayer jukebox. I stopped for a couple of minute and tried to remember the new song from the Cure. The leader, the great-grandfather of britPop, is back. The next thing I noticed was that dancing ‘Annabelle the Sheep’. I set my real player preferences to ‘display on top when playing’. Resulting this dancing sheep with her (or his?) aliens, mole, stupid red bird friends to display their erratic nods and jumps while I write on Word or doing something else. I just recognized that they do jump and nod in rhythmically, not just a programmed two nods per second per three jumps or something like that. I almost believed that the sheep was really enjoying the songs that I played.

But again, this is the proof that I never seemed to be able to put my mind focused on something. I could not avoid the tendency of me jumping to do something else while haven’t finished the thing that I’m doing earlier.

Some sentences that I grabbed from Outkast’s ‘the Whole World’
Cause the whole, world, loves it when you don't get down
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you make that sound
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you're in the news
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)
And the whole, world, loves it when you sang the blues
(Bah bah-da, bah bah bah-da da)

ain’t that true? Well the conclusion we almost love (or hate) everyone on TV. It’s a love/hate thing. Now I get what that means. I always thought that people have to tolerate! There are parts you hate, and parts you love. But to a few things it has to be either one.

13:18:50 Skipped Stylistic’s You Make Me Feel Brand New (YMMFBN). And remembered that I used that title (the acronym) as my nickname, and then someone copied it, well they put other titles to such acronym and make it their nickname. A couple of times I was copied, I guess. What I wrote the other person also wrote (with very slight alteration). I hate copycats, I always do. Like my interest in using symbolized characters, mix them with alphabetical characters. For example: f.o(r e)xa~mp|Le*. Interesting, huh? I guess they call it appropriationns. I like to manipulate and disturb existing systems or rules. I love working with them, but also I love to bring them down. So yeah, I was annoyed of being copied at. Until I realize that sometimes I also copied. Mostly on people that I like or admire. I used to imagine myself being them while talking to someone or doing something. Having that person in mind help me to act more normally (I guess).

Then it made me realize more that we do that so much often. Nothing in this world is original (apart from His creation). Well okay, ALMOST. Most of them are the product of appropriation, bricolages, and counter-bricolages (borrowing the phrase from Sturken and Cartwright). meaning, we put things ideas we saw around us, modified them and then create something, claiming them as our creations.

13:28:04 still working on the introduction. So…slow, and very mind-crushing. I guess (I hope), well.. not hoping, I have to be sure. I am now to avoid everything with ‘hope’ because I am more likely to use it as an excuse of failing at something.

14:54:03 what do you want me to say? What do you want me to do? To make you know that I do mean it.. (Dismemberment Plan). Us and our commercialized self. To be as hypocritical as I want to be, I could not say that I AM NOT commercialized. I am still looking for an identity, and the commerciality of myself would not be a point that I want to scrutiny.

>>>You Send Me Flowers, Silje Nergaard.. CUTE!

16:13:45 Just like me.. they long to be.. close to you… a jazzy version of the carpenters’ legendary song was included in the North Sea Jazz 2004 compilation. Sang by the American-celebrated jazz duo, Tuck & Patti. Beautiful, and compelling. Well it has been a very nice song, and the soothing jazz singer just added its glories.
The funny thing was when they added their own version of the song…
...and gold and starlight on your eyes of blue.. or maybe grey, or maybe green, or were they brown?’ now I wonder why did they do that…

Mind wanderings at 01:40:43
I was told that only 9 students made the Oral Communication exam in my class. The rest had to take the resit test on Wednesday 13.10 o’clock. (Attention to readers: this is a wrong usage of o’clock). Well I knew six or maybe eight people who made it, I am not sure about the ninth… but I am sure it was not me. Well minutes before I know the people who had past the exam, I was feeling a bit like Charlie in Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ when he heard about the golden tickets. ‘Five golden tickets have been spread in Willy Wonka Chocolate bars all around the world. Only five people could enter the factory as the promised prize.’ So… nine golden ticket holders were out there, being glad every minute because they knew they don’t have to face the test for the second time. And I guess my chance of getting them are just as small as Charlie… no wait, Charlie finally got the golden ticket, well then I felt like I was the kid who cheered on Charlie when the news of the fifth holder of the golden ticket was announced on the telly, uh.. I mean TV.

Btw, at this hour… 15 damn pages of Visual Communication bullshits.

02:49:24 on to page 16 (shit, I wrote like 1 page per hour… slow-mo!). Listening to Garbage’s ‘When I Grow Up’, very very me ^^
And guess what I heard 30 minutes later, Sheila on Seven’s ‘Perhatikan Rani’. Am I surprised! The program said that I last played the track on the 25th of May, whoa… that long??? Gee... I neglected my Indonesian songs quite far-off. But well yeah, am not too fond of this band anyway. It’s nice to hear ‘em again though, and then my mind started to wander off to my high school period, when everything should be as carefree as I want them to be. I guess I am being too self-depressed to enjoy my teenage life. I regret it now.

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