my radiohead dilemma

i know that ppl r downloading the songs for free on the internet. if u go 2 radiohead's website u can buy the new album there, where at the 'checkout' u can fill in urself how much u want to pay for the album. u can guess that A LOT of ppl filled in 'nul', 0, nada.. tragic :p
.. or not
still dont get why the band chose this way for their album.
anywy, i decided to order the discbox instead.
ya tribute to my fav. band... masa tega amet sih
and the discbox is 40 pounds... "including sending cost".. wow.. i know a friend's living in Indo n he wonderd if the guys really mean it.

yg jelas until now i refused to listen to any of their songs (my bro offered me the mp3s, which he got from limewire... disgrace -.-)
daaan 10 minutes ago as i listend to accu radio.. 15 steps was played.. aaaaaaaa... noooo... tores my heart :'(
i want my first in rainbows to be a high-quality audio track coming from a collector's item CD.... T_T

test your skill in detecting whether something/someone is korean/chinese/japanese here. (u'd hv to register first). got the link from sietho.
so far baru ngerjain 2 exams.. faces n modern art. scored badly in faces xD commentnya "obviously you dont know the difference". lol.
got an OK on the modern art.

Test Name: Faces | Modern Art

Average: 7 | 9

Yours: 6 | 10

Date Taken: Nov-9-07 5:29A | Nov-9-07 5:30A

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