is this awesome or what? :D

the drum was sooo cool.. you can completely ignore the stupid rap in the background :D
yeah, that's blink 182's travis barker. he might also be +44 but for me he's blink 182 :D *mengenang masa remaja, when me n my bro rockin in the car all along the road from malang to jakarta*

you can view the original song here. proves that wicked drumming can turn a lame song to uber-cool :p yea.. soulja boy is the new (dance) craze y'all!

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roberth mengatakan...

add widget lintasberita juga donk T_T

the mouse mengatakan...

eh.. can't do.. abis lintasberita kadang itemnya suka aneh2 sih :D

the mouse mengatakan...

eh.. i take it back, its not that bad anymore :p
*adding lintasberita's widget*