Factory Girl

Factory Girl is a relatively new movie (released Feb 2007 in the U.S. n Europe) - tp ga ingert klo pernah ada iklannya :D

it's a movie about a girl called Edie (played by Sienna Miller -exnya Jude Law), a movie prop/friend of the famous Andy Warhol (yup, that famous contemporary artist.. played by Guy Pearce). For me watching it was a reminiscence of the glam world of the 80's. The movie is centered on Edie and her relationship of Warhol's art community/groupie. Warhol in this movie was on his way to fame, and he has "compounded" some people in one place called the factory. A place where, like Andy and Edie said it, people can be themselves. This includes having sex n doing drugs whenever, wherever they want. Andy also at that time started to make movies. Underground/cult movie where it has no plot, and no edits as well. So Andy basically have people to sit down and talk about themselves, and audience can hear Andy's/Chuck's (Andy's second-director in charge) voice directing the person/asking questions in the background. (Semi-documentary kind of). Most of the time Edie is the star of Andy's movie, telling her life-stories, yg emg complicated (and glamorous).

Helped by her good-natured personality, beauty and lifestyle she shortly becomes the icon and eye candy for Warhol & Co. Edie was then nicknamed 'poor little rich girl. Like today's Paris Hilton, Edie was a daughter of a local millionaire. But less fortunate, she was the victim of his father's infidelities and cruelty, she then rebelled, went to art school and then splurged herself to the artist community in New York, where then she meets Warhol. Knp poor? Soalnya she basically just spent spent spent and did not earn money. (Except from his Dad). While Warhol reaped fame and fortune from his movies, Edie has none (well only the fame).

Like classic fame n fall story of life, Edie then opened herself to cocaine (yes kids, drugs is bad for you). Her life slides downward since then. Well a moment of light came when she met a famous folk singer (Hayden Christensen) -> loosely based on Bob Dylan, named Billy Quinn. He showed her things that are larger than life. In the end of their relationship, "the famous musician" asked her if she wanted to leave The Factory. But of course since at that time her mind was bewildered from cocaine, she refused.

Since the movie is based on a true story, of course it ends tragically. Edie died a young age (28) from a drug overdose. Jadi saya harap neither Lindsay Lohan nor Amy Winehouse would further waste their talent to drug-addiction :p

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