These things that i want to know

i know you're busy
it's just these things that i need to know
to give me strength
to still hv confidence
in our "relationship"

what do you want of us?
do you still see me n you only temporary?
do you see/do you want this to have a future?

clapping with one hand is not working
do you want me to wait for something?
or will this be going for ever n ever?

i know im busy too
but i always think of you
and too much thinking without doing nothing
depressed me
thats why im always mad with no real reason lately

are you enjoying having a relationship like this?
we rarely talk to each other
(even if we do, its very to the point and business-like)

i don't get to see you as often as i like anymore
you're not here when i need you the most
and im not sure if u ever feel the same

i told myself over and over again
not to think too much
but situation is changing
cant you see?
i don't mind changes
as long as i can still see the final goal, and be okay with it

we need to talk

do you still want the same things like you do 9 months ago?
when you first asked me to be your girlfriend?
(we missed the 9 month anniversary, successfully.. i had told myself not to make a fuss about it, coz i know u don't
and it breaks my heart knowing that I REALLY could forget about it =/
i don't want to be like this :( )
does this relationship meet your expectation?
do we need to change something?

please, you're in a relationship now
what you do also concerns other people, me
your plans for your life will affect mine too
better said good-bye to it if you don't want it anymore :S

i want in everything we do,
to have a purpose
what's the purpose of loving someone, having a relationship?
are you sure its that?
yeah.. i don't feel supported right now :S
i know you supported me financially
but that's not what a boyfriend's MAIN TASK is

aku tau mungkin kmu ngerasa udh jd pacar yg baik
dgn ngingetin aku segala macem

but please give me something
that i can hold on to
or else this would just fade away

those things i want to know
those things i cant just ignore n leave behind and go

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