'So, how is it like being a mother?'

Despite the occasional post-natal blues, the feeling that I'm physically stuck and professionally doomed, the realization that none of my old clothes fits except for some over-sized pajamas and nighties...and, you DON'T want to see what's underneath it, ...it's great thanks :)
(Words in italics means I only said them inside my head :p)

Now i understand why some new mothers obsessively taking pictures of their babies, because it's the only thing in their world that seems right *sigh*

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Anita mengatakan...

why this post doesn't sound happy? damn. i should have given you that poetry book. coz even Navis has the same feeling about being a baby: physically stuck and professionally doomed! :P

ulma haryanto mengatakan...

Haha just want to let off some steam :-P iya, u shud've given me that book! :-P