Respectable Book-Worming Club (and some updates)

Amsterdam, December 13th, 2009.

Welcome to the Book-Worming club. We are here to bitch about life and discussing short story.

A short introduction to the committee (alphabetically ordered),
Ms. Elvin Priyadi (geek by day, cook by night)
Ms. Laurentia Dhanio (temporary housewife)
Mrs. Ulma Nurriva Haryanto-Putera (high-flying journalist-slash-wife)

With today’s short story: Grace Paley’s A Man Told Me the Story of His Life. A very short story, as Mrs. Ulma pointed out. Counting around 300 words, I have to agree with her (:p). The theme centers on talents and wishes. With a message of, as Ms.Laurentia pointed out, “talents will never be wasted”.

At the first glance, it seems like the division of a beginning, climax and resolution in Grace Paley’s story is clearly defined (although got me confused in the climax part)
As we are reading and discussing it, we suddenly see there is a connecting string at the end to the beginning of the story. A loop.

mmm. interesting, in’it?

But what is more interesting, is what you can find in the committee bags :D Take Mrs. Ulma, she has 3 cellphones. Three, people. Why? One for the messenger, one for making phone calls, and one for sms-ing. Ms. Laurentia, in the other hand, has one of those rare moments to have a tissue in her bag.

And me? I have toilet paper in my bag (long story)

Thus, The Respectable Book-Worming Club bid you all farewell for now. We will be back with a new short story.

temporary archiver,


P.S. Book-Worming Club, the name is temporary. The committee shall discuss the official name during next meeting (including the weekly meeting thing :p)

from elvnprya

Now.. I just realized she wrote my name with a 'Mrs.' .. my my, i'm a married woman..
As 2009 is drawing to a close, and i'm enjoying the 1st day as a lazy bum since after being employed, elvin had this idea to start a well.. not really a book club, but rather, a short-story club.. we busy women have no time for reading books lately xD
well it's an exercise.. so we start with short stories

today will mark my 2nd month of working at the jakarta globe. i have to say.. it's tough :p
there were times that i hv to write 3 stories a day... there were times that i've got nothing to write, read most of new items on my google reader feed, and it's 6 p.m.

the working schedule is quite un-ordinary. sometimes i hv to work on sundays, sometimes i hv another day off on one of the work days.. so i hv to leave iko at home on sundays.. and vice versa.. well i used to come to my old office, still got some work left there. but a couple of weeks ago i stopped going there cause it costed time+money to travel :p plus it's hot out there.. so i just stayed at home n do my thing..

annd there's also the matter of writing journalism technique that I, as a communication management student with NGO background have to work more on -_-

anyways, the job certainly has its perks. The goody-bags, the freebies :D the free buffet.. I went to places, I met people.. people that I usually only see on TV.. some whom I had never thought I would even speak to.. bearing the title 'news reporter/journalist' gave me the privilege to ask about anything to anyone, to those who respect that right anyway.. but this also comes with me the responsibility of having whatever I write to be the subject of people's opinion.. plus the newspaper's credibility is also on my shoulder..

hum. anyways.

looking forward to spend the long weekend with family. ah ya i'm off from wed-sun :p myb gonna write one / two more posts during the weekend.. maybe......

ta-ta for now. xoxo.

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