Radiohead video semi-finals

From Paste Magazine: "In Rainbows animated video contest reaches semi-finals:
By way of providing fans one more opportunity to have Radiohead experience their artistic product about Radiohead's artistic product, the competition is one step away from reaching Radiohead-judging level. From more than 60 videos, 10 emerged as semi-finalists this week, exploring seven of the songs from In Rainbows. Each semi-finalist now gets $1,000 to make a one-minute animation that will be watched and voted upon June 9, after which the finalists will advance to a June 23 judging. The grand winner will be announced June 30. You can watch all of the semi-finalists' videos here."

Better luck next time, Mas Wahyu :D
Background info on the contest -also from Paste-: Animation site aniBoom is hosting a competition for storyboard or animated music video ideas to accompany In Rainbows. The competition will be judged by none other than the Radioheads themselves, as well as aniBoom and its community (which actually means an audience ranking).

"It's the perfect match between revolutionary music and the mind blowing possibilities of animation," says the blurb on the contest site. Submissions began yesterday (March 17); the semi-finals will take place March 28; viewing and voting will be June 9; finals June 23; and, finally, the grand winner will be announced June 30. The 10 semi-finalists will receive $1,000 each to create a one-minute video clip, and the grand prize winner will receive $10,000 to create a full-length Radiohead music video, which will be given web-wide distribution with aniBoom marketing behind it.

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