sendiri lagi deh...

i'm typing from my so fresh so clean room.. drinking a cuppa Kapal Api (instant) coffee.. Man, so delicious... sayang udh sachet terakhir, hiks..

Semalem ibu ayah brgkt k koln. this evening they will be leaving to indo from Dusseldorf.

1,5 weeks is just too short :D

let's recap..
wednesday 30th they arrived

thursday 31st they went to music mayday office

friday 1st was den haag n long pura in the evening

saturday 2nd
we planned to go to the carnival in maastricht, but alyscha asked me to be on stand-by just in case the restaurant got really busy (which wasn't). so we spent the whole day doing BIG Cleaning of my room, we got everything out of the room and vacuumed those year-long dusty corners :D mum also got all of my nick and crannies organised, relocated most of the things.. my room just got 30% bigger :D in the evening we went to IKEA to buy some stuffs (most of them stuffs that i never bothered to buy, such as, plastic containers to store things)

sunday the 3rd
we went to the city to meet with a cousin of a friend of mum's (tante andien), and prima, since te andien n prima also know each other, although prima knows her by the name of tante hesti. quite got me n her in confusion xD are we talking about the same person here?

all of us agreed to meet in front of madame tussaud at 1.30 pm. 1.15 me, mum n dad arrived but didn't see any indonesian faces amongst the crowds in front of the museum, we decided to take pictures of the dam square first before going to coffee company. it was my first day of menstruation xp so i spent the day moaning.

dad n mum with the pigeons :D

i tried to reach te andien on her mobile but couldnt get through, sensing a bit of panic i called prima but she was also still on her way.

30 minutes later still no luck, i decided to go to etos to buy some anti-cramp pills while passing madame tussaud to see if either prima or te andien were there. they weren't..

another 15 minutes passd by, te andien called n said that she was waiting at M. Tussaud. So I told her that we were in front of coffee company n abn amro. but still 10 minutes later no sign of her, prima finally arrived, until then we saw a mother with a child on front of the OTHER side of the abn amro :D

that's mum, tante andien, her son (jonathan), me, n prima

after that we had a small lunch in La Rucho at De Bijenkorf, then i bought a dutch sim-kaart for mum (GTMobile, 9 cents/sms to indonesia.. otherwise she had to pay Rp 5.500 for every sms with her Indonesian SIM card, and Mum texted A LOT with her compadres in Indonesia :D she also has to check as well with my bros n sis' back home), mum bought some vitamins at de tuinen, we also went to Fame to look for CD's for my brother (Clare and the Reasons and Jonny Greenwood's There Will Be Blood for Bil, sayang Greenwood's CD baru dilaunch d NL 15 feb; some PS2 Games for Rawdy-dr titles yg dia minta ga ada yg platinum edition->versi cheapnya), dad bought a Yes double-album (was on sale for 8 euro). We separated with te andien and her son (jonathan), n we spent the rest of the afternoon at the souvenir shops. I think we went home around 5.30, prima had to go to rotterdam, she invited us to go there coz she would b staying in rotterdam until thursday.

monday the 4th
i had to go to work, dad took me to the metro/tram stop. While I was at the office mum n dad went to Waterlooplein to visit the flea market. Dad bought a 15 Euro Fila shoe :D

Tuesday 5th
we went to Rotterdam and had dinner at Bird with uda (but after that it seems that the food at Chao Phraya is better), and then we took a walk at the red light district.

mum n dad eating smuller's patat with sate saus like a true dutch :p hehe..

prima, our guide for that day

dad n prima, reading the description of the World War II memoriam, made in remembrance of the day that the whole city of Rotterdam got annihilated (Rotterdam Blitz)

we went to Euromast, a high tower where you could see the whole city of Rotterdam when you get to the very top. Sayang lg renovasi jd tutup :( cuma foto2 d luarnya aja deh

mum n dad at Bird...

...and the red light district :D

Wednesday 6th
I had to go to work again, since Dad made this appointment with the Holland branch of the place where he's working at currently (Fluor) for the next day. Elvin and her mum visited my parents on the afternoon.

Thursday 7th
we went to the Fluor office which was at Bergen Op Zoom, the farthest town mum n dad traveled to during their stay in NL. Was a short visit since I had to work in the evening.

mum n dad with the Fluor people

Friday 8th
we FINALLY went to Volendam :D took a picture in traditional Dutch clothings and ate raw haring like many other tourists :) harusnya makannya langsung ditelen bulet2 kali ya... Abis dr situ beli tiket kereta ke koln buat ayah ibu, abis itu k WAU n had some Malaysian food (lupa foto2 hehe)

Saturday 9th..
hari terakhir hiks :'( i went to the city to buy some more titipans. bil nitip a concise history on euthanasia, buat apa only God knows why.. beli cd game ps2 buat rawdy, akhirnya beli Transformers d e-plaza, abis cuma itu yg lg sale dr semua title yg dititip ma dia :P (bro someday you'll understand why i wont spend 45 euro on those stuffs). eh iya, knp hrs beli kaset asli, soalnya ps2nya dia itu ps2 saya yg dibeli d sini. dan krn itu kaset tdk original tdk bs dimainkan. knp ga dimodif aja biar bs maenin yg tdk palsu? well ga ada yg nyadar klo kaset original mahal :p so after this for sure consolenya bakal di"crack" biar rawdy bs maenin kaset2 bajakan juga :D trs beli pengharum ruangan d sabon buat kado ultah te monika (istri onkel whose birthday was on the 5th of Feb). around 5.15 pm we left to central station, keretanya jam 6.33 pm. mum n dad bought some snacks n refreshments for the way. and then 6 minutes prior their departure masi sempet foto2 waved goodbye, hugs n kisses.. before the train closed the doors n moved away.. hiks :'(

.. i mean seriously, my room were like this 6 days before my parents came!

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