kisah cinderulm yg sedang menunggu majikannya pulang

I've washed the dishes, put the two children to bed, and now i hv nothing left to do. I could work on the IC statement, but this home PC got no USB-port.. (my work is in a very handy usb-data stick) oh well it does, but they snug the CPU into this hole so its impossible for me to reach it.

i guess i'd just blab on what ive done today.

00.00 am - 02.30 am: Chat ma nia n elvin :p hehehe
02.30 am - 03.30 am: maen the sims
03.30 am - 11.00 am: tidur
11.00 am - 01.00 pm: melakukan hal2 setelah tidur dan sebelum beraktivitas keluar
01.00 pm - 03.00 pm: ke skul, ktemu lindsay di jalan (heran gw slalu ketemu dia gt..), balikin laptop, balik lg k tmpat bapak, makan roti (dan appelflap), cabut lg.. babysitting

04.00 pm - 8.30 pm : dipamitin ma majikan, gw ma anak yg plg gede baca + maen cangkul (yes epribodeh, i've taught her how to play cards).. si ibu nyuruh gw nyuruh si anak latian baca.. ma dia udh dibeliin komik winx club. Meanwhile gw jg disuruh ngasih makan yg kecil, she's 6 months old now n is learning how to eat from a spoon (pke makanan2 bayi itu.. yg lucu2 kombinasinya, such as kiwi n orange, rice-schotel with carrot and turkey, mango, banana and orange, etc. - even i like them =9~)

gw bikin deal ma anak yg gede, kl misalny dia menang, gw baca satu lembar, kl gw yg menang, dia msti baca. umm.. she won 3 out of 8 matches :p not bad loh for an 8-year old, hehehe.. (apa gw yg goblok yah -.-" tp sbenerny gw sngaja kalah lagi ma dia.. hehehe.. *yea rite)

bis itu, ngasi2 makan si kecil, smbil liat yg gd maen mario party 5 (she wanted to stop playing cards since she lost quite a lot, hehe). kl saja nyokapny tau.. huhuh.. gw ngasi makan tu bayi penuh paksaan gtu.. hehehe.. kl bisa sih awalny gw buat nangis dulu, tar pas dia mangap, makananny gw masukin ke mulutnya, tar si bayi batuk2.. trus gw sndokin aer.. dan dia nangis lagi.. mangap lagi.. ooop, there goes another spoonful of yummy baby porridge :p

8.30 pm - 9.30 pm: tried to put baby to sleep while the other one played dora the explorer on the internet

9.30 pm: put the big one to bed, but first she had to brush her teeth reeeaaalll good, kumur2 pke mouth-washer, n be read her bedtime story (winx club lagi). ni anak lg seneng tidur d ruang tamu gtu, hehe.. kocak deh. gw wkt kecil juga suka tidur d tmpat2 aneh gtu.. macam kolong tempat tidur, di sofa (sofa org laen.. wktu bertamu gt critanya), bath-tub, di wc... i had a fleeting thought about sleeping on the rooftop sih.. tp blm kesampean aja.. :P (ok ulma, done with exaggerating)

9.30 pm - 11.00 pm: washed the dishes (i dont hv to, tp drpd ga ada kerjaan.. sekaligus mengurangi perasaan "gaji buta"), turned on the computer, looked for the USB port, gave up, signed in msn messenger n yahoo, wrote an email to paulina, she's a close friend of my cousin whom i met at her (my cousin's) wedding.. very talkative but nice :p an english woman who is having a career as an english-teacher for children in Paris. Her email was titled 'HAPPY EASTER', so i thought it was just a greeting of some sort sent to every name in her addressbook, so i didnt open it until now. i was wrong :p well except for the greeting part. it was also a real email (the one that at least you need 3 minutes to think about an approriate reply, not just 'thank you, and yes im fine. hope you are too *smiley icon* take care, much love, bye bye'), sent to my cousins n me, n some of her friends, asking about a get-together at easter holidays (either in paris or in cologne)..

after that, chatted with elvin n nia.. we gonna go swimming on sunday.. ^_^ yippiee!
and saturday i can use nita's laptop (yeay..) to finish off our fd draft..!! (due monday)

opened vh1 radio and listend to some smooth jazz tune.

11.10 pm: almost done with blogging, a conversation window blinked, and still dont know what to do next *sigh*

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Anonim mengatakan...

Mamanya cinderella: Ulma!!! kamu ngapain coba babysit gitu!!! tak tahu kah kamu hari senin deadline!!! daripada nganggur,.. baca itu intellectual capital. Daripada nganggur trus washing dishes lebih baik kamu ambil bukunya Andriessen trus IC statementnya diperbaharui.

(Sodara2, inilah kira2 contoh mama cinderella dan cerita sinteron cinderella-like di knowledge economy taon 2020)

xxx-bellenie (becanda lho ul!!! jgn dimasukin ati,.. gw juga doing nothing kmrn, besok qta kerja keras ya,. eh dtng jam berapa?)

Rina mengatakan...

Hehe, idenya ttg yg main kartu sambil belajar baca tuh boleh juga..hehe. Mo praktek ahhh...cuman the main kids that I babysit masi 2 thn..terlalu kucritt.

the mouse mengatakan...

bellenie: *ouch* :p
siang niii.. siaang yaaa.. kapot gw kapot.. td kerja d resto sndirian gtu xp penuh pula.. huhuhuks :'(

rina: ehehe.. umur 2 taon sih.. diajarin huruf2 aja kali Rin :D