a head trip to nowhere

"Remember To Breath

She fixes her lips, they
Always look perfect
Never a smudge line
Never too
Much . . .

I try on my blue shirt
She told me she liked it

She wonders what I'll wear
She knows just what she'll wear
She always wears blue

Some sneakers of flip flops
I'm starting to panic
Remember she asked you
Remember to
Breathe . . .
And everything . . .
Will be okay . . .


Dashboard Confessional

I've spent the whole day sitting-down, staring @ my laptop!! :D udh lama banget ga kaya gini, hehehe..

Aktivitas berdiri-berjalan cm wktu I fixed myself more herbal tea, or coffee, or a glass of tap water.

Makanan hari ini: beberapa keping coklat, aardappelschijves, dan frozen veggies, dadar jagung, pisang goreng dan vis lemper as breakfast.. ;p

Herbal tea-ny Zonnatura yg ideale gewicht dan weerstand, lagi diskon d Vomar --> 1+1=1 (gw baru tau loh, hehehe..), seharga Eur 1.59 n tiap kotakny @ 20 bags.

Selain duduk bengong baca2 artikel yg seliweran d internet, ngobrol2 ma Prima, ikut ngomentarin bintang2 pelm taon 80-an d Mtv Retrosexual.. seru banget ^^ seakan2 jumat malam smpe sabtu adh wktuny nonton sex-cult *lol.. mo ngelanjutin baca Bill Bryson tp ga sempet2.. bukuny udh ditaro d samping tapi ga dibuka2..

Barusan ad telp. dari Warung Kamal (yg punya sodarany mba Nunung, salah satu pekerja d Warung Bandung), said I could try to work @ her place next Monday (yippee..) jam 5 sore. Tapi bcoz ak juga masi keukeuh pengen move 2 Utrecht, ak bilang klo mybe cm bisa bntu d warungny next week. Mybe sabtu bisa, so gw bakal Utrecht-A'dam gtu.. (jauh tp y?? =/) Anyway, Ik kan geld ruiken (mxdnya mo bilang: wwaaaaa ak bisa nyium bau uangg!!!)

Called April and asked if she had any info about rooms for rent in Utrecht. Sbenerny ga gitu deket ma April, ga pernah ngobs2, dan rada sungkan mo nanya dia.. tp this is emergency and I need every help that I could get.. lagian temen2 juga pada nyaranin buat ngehubungin si April.

Another thing that has became a habit of mine lately adalah --> ngelirik HP, ngecekin inbox semua account sms.ac saya (dan yg dihibahkan kpd saya), dan ngelirik gmail notifier d pojok bwh kanan taskbar.. aktivitas2 tsb. sy lakukan at least every 5 minutes (or less sih sbenerny).. huhuhuh do call me desperate tp bginilah nasib pengangguran -____-'

*nyruput capuccino yg udh dingin*
Ah iya, td ma Prima smpet nyoba Palm Reading Quiz d Tickle.com.. after scrutinizing each of our hand palms and pain-stakingly answered every questions through the total of 10 pages on handline lengths, depths, patterns, the crookedness of our fingers (Prima akhirny sadar kl jariny bengkok :D), etc. , we enthusiastically clicked (well, 'I' since we did it on my laptop) on the 'Get my Results' button.. held our breath for a couple of minutes.. and... got pretty much disappointed when this popped out on the screen:


my credits for today goes to Dear God for blessing me with yet another day to live, Prima, Vina, Tickle.com, awn.com, my Yahoo! page, Gmail, Sms.ac, my mobile phone, the red sofa on the living room, Zonnatura herbal tea, my cofee mugs, the tap water for running whenever I need it to, our humble television set, o'lacy's halfvolle koffiemelk, coffee from de Wit supermarket, dear water-heater, coffee filters, the spoon, plate, fork and knife, chocolates, and the fridge for keeping the food on the right temperature (cold).

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